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Family History and Genealogy


Masons Genealogy was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality of service I received was outstanding. Thank you!

K Appleby, Yorkshire

I asked Margaret to do my family tree on my mother's side. I was amazed at how much information she had found. The end product was neatly put together in a family history book with CD and scrap book with photos she had found of my family. Highly recommended!!

P Gonsalves, Yorkshire

I very much appreciate the help that comes to bring me masons genealogy about an airman English whose plane crashed in 1944 in a small village of sologne. Effective Assistance, fast by a person very willing to listen and keen to make the best service. Thank you to masons genealogy for bringing me his knowledge and expertise in a very short notice.

Didier Geneasol, France

Thank you so much Mags for doing my family tree. It’s amazing the amount of research you’ve put in its astonishing. I would never have guessed I’d had an Italian circus owner in my family but probably should have as there's a few clowns. The way you put it all together is very professional and easy to understand. I will recommend you to everyone. Again Thanks.

B Muscroft, Yorkshire.